Senior Ambassador Program

Kaye Collins Photography is now accepting applications for Senior Ambassadors!

Any student who will graduate in May/June of 2017 is eligible. . . but you must apply before May 20, 2016.

I am looking for 2-3 seniors from each area high school who love to talk to people and to be in front of the camera.  Senior  Ambassadors will serve as the “face” of Kaye Collins Photography as marketing representatives and will have the opportunity to be involved in fun photo shoots and earn free product.  You will have  a FREE fashion photo shoot and receive personalized business cards that you can hand out to other Seniors- or anyone looking for photographic services.  As the people you contact book sessions, you will receive free product.  You will also help to choose next year’s Ambassadors!  Part of being a Senior Ambassador means that you will be loyal to Kaye Collins Photography.  Once you are selected you (and your parents) will be asked to sign an agreement that you will not promote another studio or post images from another photographer until you have graduated. (This does not include photos from the on site photographers at Homecoming and Prom!)   I promise that you will have lots of fun images  to post.

Kaye Collins Photography’s Senior Ambassadors will receive:

  • A FREE one-hour fashion photo session.
  • A FREE Senior Session either in the fall or the spring- your choice, based on your needs.
  • 50% off any additional solo portrait sessions.
  • 1-3 themed group photo sessions.
  • Web-sized photographs with my logo to share on all Social Media outlets.
  • Custom Senior Ambassador cards to share with friends which will allow them to receive 16 FREE wallet sized prints.
  • 15% off all print products.
  • A custom Swag Bag
  • Prizes for referrals.

1 Referral ($25 value)

5 sheets of photos ( 1- 8×10, 2- 5x7s, 8 wallets  all equal 1 sheet)


3 Referrals (Choose one of the following ($60 value)

A photo phone case OR

8×10 Metal Print


5 referrals (Choose one of the following) ($125 value)

Personalized Hipster Bag

Senior Album


8 referrals

$100 Visa Gift Card

16×24 Canvas Gallery Wrap Print


10 referrals

$100 gift card

$200 in Studio Credit


How to Start:

  1. “Like” the Kaye Collins Photography page on Facebook and any other platform that you use.  I want to make sure that you have seen my work and are comfortable representing it since we are making a commitment to each other.  You can access  Social Media Platforms from the Kaye Collins Photography website.
  2. Fill out an application to tell me more about you. I am looking for active, outgoing individuals who won’t be shy to talk to other people about Kaye Collins Photography.  Don’t worry. . . this is not a test- I just want to know more about you.
  3. Once we announce our Senior Ambassadors, we will schedule our first group shoot where we will work on posing and putting together great outfits to make you look your best.
  4. Within about 2 weeks of the photo shoot, you should receive your set of Senior Ambassador Cards. You will give them out to as many seniors as possible- at your school and at neighboring high schools.  When a student comes in for photos and has your card, they will receive 16 FREE wallet size prints and you will receive 1 referral.
  5. We will do your solo fashion session in the first 2-3 months so that you will have LOTS of images to put on social media to show off both your awesome looks and the Kaye Collins Photography brand.
  6. Post one of your logo images on your Social Media platforms once a month.
  7. Be willing to attend themed group photo shoots during the school year- this will provide you with more images to post.

That’s all there is to it!  You hand out your cards and talk about the great experience you had getting your Senior Portraits done.


Terms and Conditions

Kaye Collins Photography maintains the copyright to all photographs.  They may not be edited in any way (no Instagram Filters or any other editing changes). Participants and their parents will be required to sign a model release to allow KCP to use all the photos for marketing purposes.

Kaye Collins Photography will choose Senior Ambassadors based on their ability to act as sales representatives in their high schools.  Preference will be given to those students who are involved in different areas of school life and to those who are committed to being part of the program.   For example, I will not chose 2 girls from the same high school who are all on the dance team.  Kaye Collins maintains the right to approve or decline Senior Ambassadors at her discretion.

Ambassadors and their parents will be required to sign an agreement stating that the SA will represent ONLY Kaye Collins Photography until the date of their graduation.  Any breach will result in the termination of the Ambassador and a charge of $500.00 to cover the initial shoot and program materials.

Referral Credits are assigned when the referred student’s session is complete.